Contact Me

My practice is usually full. As I work in an open-ended capacity, spaces come up in my practice a few times per year at most. I maintain a waiting list, which, depending on demand, may take some months to progress through.

If you are interested in working with me, the waiting list in the usual pathway. To join the waiting list we would first have a session where I can understand your situation in a little more detail, so I can ascertain if I can help. This would also be a chance to answer any questions you have about the way that I work.

To enquire about the waiting list, email is usually the best route. When emailing, if you feel comfortable, please let me know a little bit about your situation. Also, if you can mention your schedule/availability, this will help to begin to quantify how long the wait may be.

If you are a practicing therapist, I do have availability for supervision.

Contact Details

Phone / SMS: 07592 677731

Only I have access to email and voicemail, which are of course confidential. If you are leaving a message, please include some information about the times you are available for a return call.

Alternative Suppport

If you are seeking immediate support, consider Counselling Directory or the CCPE referral service.

If you are specifically looking for depth psychotherapy, consider GAP (Jungian) or Bowlby centre, both have full and low cost referrals available.

For emergency support, call 999 or contact the Samaritans on 116 123.