CPD: Self, Shadow, Ancestry & Race

A weekend of exploration and healing European colonialism is at the heart of racial inequality, as well as an originating force behind the ecological crisis. While our society and institutions wrestle with decolonialization, it is easy to spiritually bypass the personal aspects of this consciousness raising work, or project the responsibility of repairing racial injusticeContinue reading “CPD: Self, Shadow, Ancestry & Race”

The warriors we need – @UKCP_Updates article for #Movember

Globally, on average, 1 man dies by suicide every minute of every day and 6 out of 10 suicides are of men. Men face particular challenges around mental health, especially as some feel that seeking help is a sign of “weakness”. November is Movember, a month when focus in placed on the wellbeing of men’sContinue reading “The warriors we need – @UKCP_Updates article for #Movember”

How can we achieve workplace wellness?

Last year in the UK, 12.5 million working days were lost due to stress, anxiety or depression. There’s a difference between feeling anxious before a big deadline and a daily feeling of hopelessness. I was recently interviewed for the Talking Therapies podcast, produced in partnership between the UKCP and Psychologies Magazine. I was interviewed by Martin Pollecoff,Continue reading “How can we achieve workplace wellness?”

CPD: Supporting Clients experiencing Workplace Toxicity

There’s an increasingly common presentation in counselling and therapy rooms: clients who’ve had challenging and sometimes traumatic experiences in their place of work. The term Toxic Workplace has emerged to describe organisations where wellbeing of employees is unduly effected by management, interpersonal and cultural factors. It is often in crisis that we manage to break through. ForContinue reading “CPD: Supporting Clients experiencing Workplace Toxicity”