March 2021: My practice is full. If you are comfortable joining a waiting list, please contact me. I have availability for group supervision.


I am an experienced, UKCP registered psychotherapist. I work with adults in a long term capacity, with an orientation toward working at depth. For this reason, I see clients at least weekly and in an open-ended manner. I am also a supervisor, and supervise other practicing and trainee psychotherapists either individually or in groups.

What does working at depth mean?

Counselling and Psychotherapy comes in many different forms. The way I work tends to be at depth, meaning we would be working with unconscious material, often times far beneath the surface of day to day experience. While our culture largely orients toward the outer world and doing, depth psychotherapy orients toward the inner world and our state of being. This means that transformation occurs first within, and then is translated into the outer world through changes in behaviour. This is quite different to therapeutic approaches which seek first to change behaviour.

Part of working at depth means that “symptoms”, whilst often being “resolved”, are not the focus of the therapy. Rather, symptoms are seen as expressions of a deeper, underlying disruption in the psyche.

How might I benefit from psychotherapy?

Working in this way requires a certain focus, however the outcomes tend to include:

  • A deeper understanding of one’s purpose in life, and the freeing up of energy to engage purposefully.
  • A more clear “sense of self”, which is determined by intrinsic factors, rather than adaptations to cultural, familial and social context.
  • Better regulation of emotional states. Difficult states such as anxiety and depression are less frequent and when they do occur, they dissipate more readily.
  • Freedom from patterns of behaviour that have been repeating. These might include unsatisfying relationships, addictive behaviours and processes, failures of confidence, bouts of meaninglessness.

What can psychotherapy help with?

The way I work is beneath the surface of presenting issues, however I have experience working with:

  • Relationships: romantic, workplace, and within families.
  • Body image, self-esteem and identity.
  • Stress, workplace and career issues.
  • Childhood trauma and abuse.
  • Anger, shame, grief, depression and anxiety.
  • LGBTI issues: sexuality, gender and identity.
  • Existential issues, purpose, stuckness, meaningless, midlife crisis, retirement.

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