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January 2023 Update: I am not taking new clients at this time. I have some availability for online supervision.


I am an experienced, UKCP registered psychotherapist. I work online and in rooms in Central London. I also supervise other psychotherapists either individually or in groups.

What sort of psychotherapy do you offer?

Counselling and psychotherapy comes in many different forms. The way I work tends to be at depth, meaning we at least in part be working with emotions beneath the surface of day to day experience. While our culture largely orients toward the outer world and doing, depth psychotherapy orients toward the inner world and our state of being. This means that transformation occurs first within, and then is translated into the outer world through changes in behaviour. This is quite different to therapeutic approaches which seek first to change behaviour.

How might I benefit from psychotherapy?

Part of working at depth means that “symptoms”, whilst often being “resolved”, are not the focus of the therapy. Rather, symptoms are seen as expressions of a deeper, underlying disruption in the psyche. This orientation means various symptoms (e.g. depression, anxiety) are tackled at their psychic core.

This approach leads to a long-lasting change. Where dysfunction is permanently transformed rather than being sublimated. Typically, after working with me, clients have begun to:

  • Resolve traumatic and dissociated states, returning energy to psychic functioning, which can then feed toward potential.
  • Better integrate difficult feelings, so they can be an aid to living, rather than a source of dysregulation.
  • Experience more meaningful personal relationships, and have a better understanding of their life purpose.
  • Have a clearer sense of their “true Self”, a mode of being which exists beyond family and social conditioning.
What issues can you help with?

The approach I use is not issue-specific, rather it deals with the underlying structure of the psyche. That said, I understand some people are more comfortable knowing their therapist has familiarity with a particular territory. Some of the issues I have experience working with, are listed below:

  • Relationships: romantic, workplace, and within families.
  • Body image, self-esteem and identity.
  • Stress, workplace and career issues.
  • Childhood trauma, neglect and abuse.
  • Anger, shame, grief, depression and anxiety.
  • LGBTI issues: sexuality, gender and identity.
  • Existential issues, purpose, stuckness, meaningless, terminal illness, midlife crisis, retirement.
  • Family dynamics: marriage and relationships, unresolved ancestral dillemas, parenting, fertility, affairs and betrayal.

Working at depth is not for everyone. It requires a preparedness to encounter suffering, including emotions which may have been laid down in childhood. Many of my clients have had some sort of psychotherapeutic work before, though this is not mandatory.

Find out more about me and the way I work with clients. If you’re a Psychotherapist yourself, read more about my approach to supervision.


I am a UKCP Registered psychotherapist.


My practice is located in Central London (WC1) and also online.

Email: hello@jaredgreenpsychotherapy.com
Phone: 07592 677731