Training & CPD

Workshops for Individuals

  • Stop being stuck at work –  February 23 – 24 – View Flyer
    This workshop helps to understand your relationship to money, career and work and explores the ways we can move beyond our conditioning to find work which is financially rewarding and meaningful.
  • Exploring your emotional hunger – Enquire
    Far from being a simple physiological experience, hunger is also an emotional phenomenon. This workshop explores how to connect too and how to explore your emotional hunger. This can both assist in developing a more mindful way of eating, but also help to explore emotional wounds, which can lead to profound transformation.
  • Becoming a People Manager – Enquire
    For many people in business, moving into a people management role can be daunting. This workshop explores what qualities you need to develop, to become a successful manager. It then helps you overcome your own limitation, in order to embody those qualities.

For Therapists (CPD)

  • Getting started in Private Practice – Last run October 2018 – FlyerEnquire
    For graduates or final year students who want to explore practicalities and the emotional blocks related to getting started in your new psychotherapy practice.
  • Supporting clients experiencing Toxic Workplaces – More Information
    A practical workshop for psychotherapists who would like to explore the environment of workplace toxicity and to work through how to apply their training modality to supporting those clients.