How I work

Psychotherapy is the exploration of our way of being in the world. It helps us to break through unwanted, repeating patterns, to embody our potential and to enhance our ability to be in relationships with others.

While a supportive, reflective and confidential environment is important to the process, Psychotherapy is also a space where we learn more about ourselves. This is achieved through the therapeutic relationship: a relationship with someone who is non-judgemental and able to navigate complex and deep feelings, while helping to become aware of unconscious signals.

I have come to understand myself as a therapist who is heartfelt and compassionate, while being honest and thoughtful. I work at depth, meaning we would be looking beneath the surface of cognitions and behaviours, to understand the underlying aspects of your psychology which manifest through the symptoms you wish to look at.

If you’ve any questions about how I work, please feel free to review my frequently asked questions or to get touch through my contact page.

Initial calls are free of charge and an initial session would not commit you to starting work with me.