How can a feeling of “stuckness” be a path to a “new” you?

Are you in a state of “stuckness”, or feeling a lack of direction? Does your work not “do it for you” anymore, or has a difficult period of change highlighted that you’re disillusioned or not sure where to turn? Perhaps you feel that your relationships are stuck: maybe it seems you are repeating patterns over and over, ending up with people who don’t respect you, or relationships which are toxic, or maybe just uncaring.

“Stuckness” is something which comes up a lot in the therapy room. It can be described as a certain ineffable but persistent emotional state; a knowing that something isn’t quite right but without necessarily a concrete or rational explanation for it.

At this time of year, as the summer comes to an end and we return to work or our “normal” lives, it’s natural to reflect on what gives our lives meaning. While these feelings can be difficult to face: maybe even causing anxiety or depression, they’re actually a calling to turn inward. To understand our deeper aspects.

In fact, developing a greater appreciation of our inner world can be a fruitful and transformative experience. Often times surfacing uncomfortable feelings, reasons for “stuckness” and what decisions in our lives might lead to them, can bring about remarkable change. As a Psychotherapist I’m trained to help clients look at these feelings, to understand what is unconscious, to bring to light the shape, size and nature of the problem. In bringing light to these feelings, insight and awareness grows. In a safe and reflective environment, with a trained guide to help see what cannot be seen, the sense of dis-ease can be metabolised and transformed into motivation and a seeking to greater fulfilment of potential.

It can be seen then, that encountering our “stuckness” and dissatisfaction with life can help to surface a “new” you. A you that was there all along, that perhaps you had drifted from as life has taken its path.