Frequently Asked Questions

What is therapy like?

Psychotherapy is weekly and each session lasts 50 minutes. Most of the work will be in the talking mode, where you bring issues and topics and I listen and help you to reflect. From time to time, I might bring tools and techniques to help deepen exploration, which you would always choose whether or not to use.

A lot of what makes therapy is the unique “chemistry” between the therapist and client. So it’s a good idea to meet a potential therapist (or two) “in real life” to see how you feel about working together.

The way I work is to have an initial phone call. From there, any initial face to face meeting would be a place to more fully explore how it feels to work together.

Who goes to therapy?

There’s a myth in society that therapy is only for people who are “unwell” or “weak”. Thankfully, that myth is on the way out.

While many arrive at therapy because they encounter a crisis in life, many stay after the crisis has passed as there is a realisation that inner work can lead to profound transformation.

As therapy increases in its mainstream appeal, there is also a recognition that to be who we are meant to be, a reflective space and an experienced guide can be most helpful.

I see clients from all walks of life. From early adulthood to retirement age, from CEO’s to students. Women, men and trans/non gendered people.

Is therapy with you right for me?

Only you can answer whether working with me is the right path for you. There are many therapists and usually many pathways to approaching a psychological issue.

Typically, clients come and see me either because they:

  • Are experiencing a crisis which they wish to resolve,
  • Are experiencing a sense of “stuckness” but not necessarily a psychological “symptom”, or
  • Have tried other forms of therapy, but for a variety of reasons they still feel unresolved.

If you are unsure about whether therapy with me is right for you, feel free to get in touch. I am happy to make an onward referral if for whatever reason we do not end up working together.

What sort of therapy do you offer?

There are a lot of words that are used to describe therapy, which may mean something (or not) depending on your experience and your perspective. Officially, I am an Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist, which means that I draw from a number of approaches, which range from humanistic and psychodynamic, through to psychospiritual orientations. I draw on these modes of working depending on what your needs are and how the work unfolds.

If you have some understanding of psychotherapeutic theory, then the various approaches I work with may be of use. These tend to be humanistic (phenomenological), body based (focussing, Gestalt), psychodynamic (psychoanalytic, object relations, attachment theory) and psychospiritual (Jungian, bioenergetic, Transpersonal).

Is therapy confidential?

Everything you share with me is confidential. There are extremely rare situations where I, like any registered therapist, could be required to divulge information via a court order.

Do you offer counselling or psychotherapy?

There is some debate in the therapy world as to the difference between counselling and psychotherapy. The way I see it is that counselling offers a supportive, non-judgemental relationship where a client explores what is going on in their life. Psychotherapy does this, while simultaneously seeking to reveal ways in which we may unwittingly hold ourselves back. I am trained in both counselling and psychotherapy, however I tend to practice as a psychotherapist.

How long might my therapy be?

The way I work is usually open-ended. This does not mean that we would go on forever, rather that we begin without a firm end date. Ending can be explored at any time, and is considered part of the therapy. This, and the organic and unstructured nature of psychotherapy is important, as it creates a unique environment which deepens healing.

Why does your rate vary?

I offer a sliding scale for my rate, depending on your financial situation and the time of day that we would meet. This allows me to provide my services to a broad range of clients, including those that could not necessarily afford my fee if it were flat across my practice. Fee information is available on my contact me page.

Where do I go from here?

The way I work is to have a free phone call to understand your situation and explore logistics, including session times and waiting lists. There are more details on my contact details page.