Four Seasons

image of a human standing atop a melting world.

A seasonal group to process feelings of grief, anxiety, concern, anger, (or whatever else there may be) related to the ecological crisis.

The headlines of climate change are all around us. Often they obscure a deeper truth, that the Earth as we knew her, alongside all human and non-human life, is in terrible jeopardy. Only time will tell, but the possibility is that our unsustainable way of living could destroy the balance of life. And while the collective denies, argues and regresses, we can choose differently.

We can step outside the collective madness and instead connect with reality. If, in some way, we begin to process the painful impact of that outer reality on our inner world. Then, we see both the external and ourselves more clearly as we reconnect with the unity of humanity and nature. In that, we find new possibilities, personal meaning. And new resilience.

Encountering the felt side of ecological crisis is difficult. The feelings are big, yet rarely attended to. They seem indigestible and unknowable.

Yet as is the case with any trauma, if we face feeling together, it is more knowable. And in facing and in some way processing the feeling, we might find an authentic hope. A hope which incorporates reality, rather than attempting to deny it.

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Practical Details

Four seasons is a two hour group, held four times per year as close as practical to the equinox or solstice. The group will be held as a safe space, and will consist primarily of group sharing and processing. Attend as many as you like, or just one. All are welcome.

The location is a group meeting space near to London Kings Cross, exact location details provided to those who sign up. The space is facilitated by Jared Green, a Transpersonal Psychotherapist with an interest in ecopsychology and experience in working with groups. The suggested donation is £10 per meeting and the group will be limited to 12 participants.

Use the sign up form below to indicate you are interested and I’ll get back to you with further details.