I offer individual and group supervision for Psychotherapists. Group spaces are available on Friday mornings, individual spaces come up from time to time and are usually daytime. Most of my supervision is conducted online.

How I see Supervision

Supervision is first and foremost a supportive relationship, one where the pressures of our profound and sometimes difficult work, can be shared. It is also where theory comes to life. It is where we triangulate our work, attending to our blind spots. And it is where we lean into our difficulties, guided by an experienced practitioner, in order to deepen practice and better serve our clients’ healing.

My approach is to facilitate a collaborative space, where theory and practice, creativity and inspiration combine to illuminate your clients’ world and the relationships between you and your client. This insight enables the growth and transformation of your practice, while attending through the emergent parallel, to your own psychological development as a therapist.

It is my belief that through this shared, ongoing learning about ourselves and through the transformation of the clients we aid, we are participating in the evolution of consciousness.

How I work

I am an Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist and I work in a way which values thinking and feeling, and from a perspective which integrates mind/body/spirit.

My work is informed by various psychoanalytic, trauma, embodied and Transpersonal perspectives. In particular, I work with:

  • Analytic psychology for Alchemy and the concept of individuation, and to engage the archetypal, mythological and symbolic realms.
  • Psychoanalytic principals, to unpack and process transferential dynamics, boundary enactments, relational and systemic processes, including attachment.
  • Trauma models, including internal family systems, part theory, embodied/somatic techniques to work with dissociation, fragmentation and complex trauma.
  • Transpersonal approaches and states of consciousness, which inform dreamwork, the use of presence, ancestral and transgenerational work.

I practice in a relational way, which draws heavily on the felt sense. I see the psychological and the spiritual not as separate, but as a continuum. And that an authentic, integrated and grounded spirituality is most available to an individuated psyche. In this sense, psychological work to resolve trauma and unearth the Self, is the core of spiritual development.

My current research interest areas are around ecopsychology, difference, reflexive transcendence and the intergenerational, cultural and collective aspects of consciousness.


Individual session (50m) £80.
Group session (90m) £180.

For further information, contact me via email: