Integrating Holistic Psychoanalysis

Deepen your ability to think about psychotherapy while maintaining the integration of psychospiritual, embodied and trauma approaches.

Psychoanalytic thinking can feel out of reach or out of sync to integrative therapists. There are numerous false assumptions and assertions about psychoanalysis which persist, distancing the rich thinking that exists in the field. But with learning, reflection and application, a different understanding can emerge: that psychoanalysis can be integrated into other approaches, deepening possibilities for psychological growth and unlocking a grounded, purposeful, spiritual orientation.

These weekends provide a space to explore psychoanalytic theory and practice in a way which integrates your existing skills. Designed for qualified Psychotherapists from integrative, humanistic and transpersonal backgrounds, my hope is to deepen and extend the possibilities for healing that your psychotherapy practice can offer.

About the content
  • Classic and Jungian psychoanalytic thought applied in an embodied, relational, “trauma informed” way.
  • Learning which extends your ability to work safely and effectively at depth, especially around relational and attachment (pre-verbal) trauma.
  • Assistance integrating within your existing theoretical orientation and signposting to further resources, training and CPD.
About the format
  • A safe, confidential group supervisory format meaning thinking can be applied directly to client material, we’ll use creative techniques to unlock unconscious processes and role play to enhance skill development.
  • Group led, experiential learning. I’ll bring resources to share, but the needs of the group will drive the focus of exploration.
  • Each weekend we’ll have a focal paper or chapter to look at, and use the group to explore thinking on the authors meaning.
  • Across the course of the year I expect the group will build its own energy, with the potential for a supportive space which helps you process your clinical edges.
  • I will facilitate the weekends in a supervisory capacity. Some weekends will include guest speakers, which will be announced through the year.

Overview of Weekends

WeekendGroup 1 (Full)Group 2
1) Building the Alchemical vesselMar 11-12TBC
2) Transference and CountertransferenceApr 15-16TBC
3) Body, Mind, Ego and developmentJuly 15-16TBC
4) Symbol and Metaphor, Dreams and FairytaleSep 16-17TBC
5) Relational Trauma and the SoulOct 14-15TBC
6) Fragmentation and BreakdownNov 18-19TBC
Weekend 1 – Building the Alchemical vessel
  • Co-creating a container for safe, effective relational depth.
  • Unconscious and collective elements within the container.
  • Using boundaries for both containment and to illuminate core wounding.
  • Money, commitment, time and place: working compassionately between the practical and the symbolic.
Weekend 2 –  Transference and Countertransference
  • Unlocking unconscious material through transferential analysis, (interpretation, staying with, symbolic linking) and interpreting alongside archetypal and collective influences.
  • Working with difficult transferences, adherence (fawn), hate (fight, flight), ambivalence (freeze), and of course, the erotic and idealisation.
  • Countertransference: hating (bad) clients (parts), and of course, the erotic and identification.
Weekend 3 – Body, Mind, Ego and development
  • Recap on psychosexual and self-state models in relation to infantile parts and attachment disturbances.
  • Working with these parts using IFS and other embodied/active approaches.
  • Somatic experience and theory of mind: working with the body, without bypassing mind.
  • Abandoned parts, breaks and reparation.
Weekend 4 – Symbol and Metaphor, Dreams and Fairytale
  • Applying myths and fairy tales to unlock therapeutic process and aspects of psyche.
  • Symbolic interpretation of creative imagination and in the room phenomenon.
  • Clinical approaches: orienting a session around a dream, playing the dream on, etc.
Weekend 5 – Relational Trauma and the Soul
  • Exploring the impact of relational trauma on our most soulful parts.
  • Working with anima and animus (Jung), angels and demons (Kalshed).
  • Interpretation to reach dissociative and archetypal content.
  • The emergence of grounded spirituality through Self.
Weekend 6 – Fragmentation & Breakdown
  • Safety, containment and pacing
  • Locating and containing difficult ego states, IFS pathways toward trust
  • The fear of breakdown that has already happened (Ogden)

Practical Details

  • Each weekend is held over two days, from 10am through 5pm with a break for lunch.
  • A small group (maximum 8) of therapists at a similar stage of development to yourself.
  • A combination of in-person (Central London) and Zoom sessions. Some pre-reading will be suggested, though not required.
  • Cost: £180 per weekend or attend all modules within one year for £850.
  • You must have attended at-least two modules from 1-4 before attending modules 5 or 6.


I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist with experience working with individuals and groups. My primary training was Transpersonal (CCPE) and I have developed my practice toward Jungian, Psychoanalytic and Trauma informed perspectives. My work with groups is informed by Group Psychoanalytic theory and I am currently studying at the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA). My philosophy of therapeutic work is based on an integrative framework: that expressions of consciousness at levels of mind, body and spirit, are all of a greater whole.

Signing up

To book or for further information email It would be helpful if on your initial contact you could mention your training orientation and years of experience. I look forward to hearing from you soon.