CPD: Self, Shadow, Ancestry & Race

A weekend of exploration and healing

European colonialism is at the heart of racial inequality, as well as an originating force behind the ecological crisis. While our society and institutions wrestle with decolonialization, it is easy to spiritually bypass the personal aspects of this consciousness raising work, or project the responsibility of repairing racial injustice onto others.

If we engage deeply with our own personal and ancestral shadow around race, we can surface and process material which affects our view of self, other and the world at large. In so doing, we prepare the sacred space for our clients process.

This weekend will explore practical theoretical perspectives around race and intergenerational trauma and will then creatively explore each participants own personal and ancestral relationship to race. Storytelling and ritual will be used to create a space of deep reflection and healing.

10am-5pm, February 20 & 21, 2021

Online, unless external conditions change and all participants agree to meet in person. Limited to 7 participants. CPD Certificates available. Fee £150.

Email hello@jaredgreenpsychotherapy.com to reserve a place.

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