CPD: Supporting Clients experiencing Workplace Toxicity

There’s an increasingly common presentation in counselling and therapy rooms: clients who’ve had challenging and sometimes traumatic experiences in their place of work. The term Toxic Workplace has emerged to describe organisations where wellbeing of employees is unduly effected by management, interpersonal and cultural factors.

It is often in crisis that we manage to break through. For clients experiencing a toxic workplace, it may be that new qualities are needed. It is often through manifesting these qualities, that greater self knowing is achieved which ultimately leads to the seeking of a more meaningful life experience.

This one-day CPD event seeks to support and inform counsellors and psychotherapists who are working with clients who are experiencing workplace toxicity. The day combines theory, experiential activities and case study presentations, and seeks to provide:

  • Definitions and theoretical grounding
  • An overview of “real-world” factors clients may experience in the workplace
  • An exploration of the emotional processes that may be underway
  • Tools to unpick self and environment and to help clients unearth a sense of meaning in the context of change


This CPD is designed for any counsellor or psychotherapeutic practitioner who has clients who may be experiencing workplace toxicity and where the practitioner would like to be better informed in order to support the client. The training will provide tools which can be used with clients to enhance their ability to navigate such workplaces effectively. The training is designed to be accessible to practitioners regardless of their theoretical orientation.

Practical Details
This CPD is designed to run for groups between 6 and 12 in size. The material is designed for a 10am – 4pm day, with a 1 hour break for lunch.

About the Facilitator

Jared Greek UKCP is an Psychotherapist in private practice in central London. He graduated from CCPE with a diploma in Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy and has a MA from Northampton University. Prior to training as a Psychotherapist Jared worked for 15 years in International business and has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Management from the Australian National University.

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